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Minimum number of tobacco GIF genes: 4

Count of tobacco GIF sequences: 6

Pfam accession:

The C-terminal region of GRF transcription factors has transactivation activity. A search for partner proteins for GRF1 led to the isolation of a GRF-interacting factor (GIF). Sequence and molecular analysis showed that GIF1 is a functional homolog of the human SYT transcription coactivator. The N-terminal region of GIF1 protein is involved in the interaction with GRF1. To understand the biological function of GIF1, a loss-of-function mutant of GIF1 was isolated and transgenic plants with GIF1-specific RNA interference were constructed. Like grf mutants, the gif1 mutant and transgenic plants developed narrower leaves and petals than did wild-type plants, and combinations of gif1 and grf mutations showed a cooperative effect. The narrow leaf phenotype of gif1, as well as that of the grf triple mutant, was caused by a reduction in cell numbers along the leaf-width axis. It was proposed that GRF1 and GIF1 act as transcription activator and coactivator, respectively, and that they are part of a complex involved in regulating the growth and shape of leaves and petals.


Kim JH, Kende H. A transcriptional coactivator, AtGIF1, is involved in regulating leaf growth and morphology in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Sep 7;101(36):13374-9. PMID: 15326298

Number of contigs: 6

Number of singlets: 0

Number of N terminal – 2

Number of C terminal – 4

Number of full – 0

Total minimum number – 4

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Transcription factor sequences
GIF_1 [comment=5 prime end] ET048723
GIF_2 [comment=3 prime end] ET048481
GIF_3 [comment=3 prime end] ET046215
GIF_4 [comment=3 prime end] ET050978
GIF_5 [comment=5 prime end] ET048392
GIF_6 [comment=3 prime end] ET050155

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