JUMONJI Genomic sequences

Minimum number of tobacco JUMONJI genes: 18

Count of tobacco JUMONJI sequences: 23

Pfam accession: JmjC JmjN

SHOULD possess JmjC JmjN zf-C2H2 zf-C5HC2 domains and COULD   possess PHD domain

JUMONJI (JMJ) is a nuclear protein that is critical for normal cardiovascular development by characterizing JMJ knockout mice. The jmj mutant embryos showed heart malformations including ventricular septal defect, noncompaction of the ventricular wall, double outlet right ventricle, and dilated atria. All homozygous jmj mutants died soon after birth. Cardiac marker analysis by in situ hybridization suggested that cardiomyocytes were differentiated but developmental regulation of chamber-specific genes was defective in late stage embryos.

The jmj gene was first identified and described as a developmentally important gene in the nervous system and subsequently in liver, spleen, and thymus development, when knockout mice were generated in genetic backgrounds that are different from ours. During mouse embryonic development, JMJ is widely expressed, including in the developing heart. In adult mice, it is expressed at a higher level in heart, skeletal muscle, brain, and thymus. Continuous expression of jmj in the heart suggests that JMJ plays an important role in both the developing and adult heart. Although JMJ may be involved in cell growth when JMJ is overexpressed, the molecular function of JMJ remains unknown. The deduced amino acid sequence of JMJ reveals a putative DNA binding domain (DBD) homologous to the DBD of a DNA-binding protein family, AT-rich interaction domain (ARID), suggesting that JMJ is a transcription factor. However, the homology of this domain with the DBDs of other ARID family members is low, with only about 30% amino acid identity in the putative DBD. There is an increasing number of factors that belong to an ARID family, which show diverse functions in vertebrates, plants, and fungi.


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Kim, TG; Kraus, JC; Chen, J; Lee, Y. JUMONJI, a critical factor for cardiac development, functions as a transcriptional repressor. J. Biol. Chem. 2003. 278(43):42247-55 PMID: 12890668

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Number of contigs: 11

Number of singlets: 15

Number of N terminal – 11

Number of C terminal – 5

Number of full – 7

Total minimum number – 18

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Transcription factor sequences
JUMONJI_1 [comment=C terminal] ET050015
JUMONJI_2 [comment=C terminal] ET051871
JUMONJI_3 [comment=full] ET046036
JUMONJI_4 [comment=full] ET044884
JUMONJI_5 [comment=full] ET047855
JUMONJI_6 [comment=C terminal] ET044445
JUMONJI_7 [comment=N terminal] ET044404
JUMONJI_8 [comment=full] ET042687
JUMONJI_9 [comment=N terminal - half domain] ET043430
JUMONJI_10 [comment=full] ET048043
JUMONJI_11 [comment=C terminal] ET044120
JUMONJI_12 [comment=full] ET043913
JUMONJI_13 [comment=N terminal] ET044382
JUMONJI_14 [comment=N terminal] ET043061
JUMONJI_15 [comment=N terminal] ET044033
JUMONJI_16 [comment=N terminal] ET046412
JUMONJI_17 [comment=C terminal] ET042263
JUMONJI_18 [comment=N terminal] ET051851
JUMONJI_19 [comment=N terminal] ET051870
JUMONJI_20 [comment=N terminal] ET046361
JUMONJI_21 [comment=N terminal] ET041672
JUMONJI_22 [comment=N terminal] ET043640
JUMONJI_23 [comment=full] ET044208

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