VOZ Genomic sequences

Minimum number of tobacco VOZ genes: 2

Count of tobacco VOZ sequences: 3

Pfam accession: VOZ

SHOULD possess VOZ domain

A 38-bp pollen-specific cis-acting region of the AVP1 gene is involved in the expression of the Arabidopsis thaliana V-PPase during pollen development. Here, we report the isolation and structural characterization of AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2, novel transcription factors that bind to the 38-bp cis-acting region of A. thaliana V-PPase gene, AVP1. AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 show 53% amino acid sequence similarity. Homologs of AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 are found in various vascular plants as well as a moss, Physcomitrella patens. Promoter-beta-glucuronidase reporter analysis shows that AtVOZ1 is specifically expressed in the phloem tissue and AtVOZ2 is strongly expressed in the root. In vivo transient effector-reporter analysis in A. thaliana suspension-cultured cells demonstrates that AtVOZ1 and AtVOZ2 function as transcriptional activators in the Arabidopsis cell. Two conserved regions termed Domain-A and Domain-B were identified from an alignment of AtVOZ proteins and their homologs of O. sativa and P. patens. AtVOZ2 binds as a dimer to the specific palindromic sequence, GCGTNx7ACGC, with Domain-B, which is comprised of a functional novel zinc coordinating motif and a conserved basic region. Domain-B is shown to function as both the DNA-binding and the dimerization domains of AtVOZ2. From highly the conservative nature among all identified VOZ proteins, we conclude that Domain-B is responsible for the DNA binding and dimerization of all VOZ-family proteins and designate it as the VOZ-domain.


Mitsuda, N; Hisabori, T; Takeyasu, K; Sato, MH. VOZ; isolation and characterization of novel vascular plant transcription factors with a one-zinc finger from Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell Physiol. 2004. 45(7):845-54 PMID: 15295067

Removed 1 singlet that had no VOZ hits in NCBI.

Number of contigs: 2

Number of singlets: 1

Number of N terminal – 1

Number of C terminal – 1

Number of genes with middle part of domain and C terminal – 1

Total minimum number – 2

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Transcription factor sequences
VOZ_1 [comment=3 prime end] ET048597
VOZ_2 [comment=middle and 3 prime end] ET047137
VOZ_3 [comment=5 prime end] ET051835

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