List of papers for tobacco transcriptions factors





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Heinekamp,T., Kuhlmann,M., Lenk,A., Strathmann,A. and Droge-Laser,W. The tobacco bZIP transcription factor BZI-1 binds to G-box elements in the promoters of phenylpropanoid pathway genes in vitro, but it is not involved in their regulation in vivo MOLECULAR GENETICS AND GENOMICS 267 (1): 16-26 2002 PMID: 11919711

Strathmann,A., Kuhlmann,M., Heinekamp,T. and Droge-Laser,W. BZI-1 specifically heterodimerises with the tobacco bZIP transcription factors BZI-2, BZI-3/TBZF and BZI-4, and is functionally involved in flower development PLANT JOURNAL 28 (4): 397-408 2001 PMID: 11737777

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Baumann,K., De Paolis,A., Costantino,P. and Gualberti,G. The DNA binding site of the Dof protein NtBBF1 is essential for tissue-specific and auxin-regulated expression of the rolB oncogene in plants PLANT CELL 11 (3): 323-334 1999 PMID: 10072394

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Uemukai K, Iwakawa H, Kosugi S, de Jager S, Kato K, Kondorosi E, Murray JAH, Ito M, Shinmyo A, Sekine M Transcriptional activation of tobacco E2F is repressed by co-transfection with the retinoblastoma-related protein: cyclin D expression overcomes this repressor activity PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 57 (1): 83-100 2005 PMID: 15821870

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