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-p Blast Program [ help] [ Program Descriptions]
-m Alignment View. The XML Format Blast output is formatted with additional information and links.
-M Specifies which protein scoring matrix to use Dfault BLOSUM62 [ help ]
-e Specifies Expectation value cutoff [ help]
-v Sets the upper limit of one line descriptions to show in the result [ help]
-b Sets the upper limit on number of database sequence to show alignments for. [ help]
-n Activates MEGABLAST algorithm for blastn search Default = unchecked (false) [ help]
-A Multiple Hits window size. Default is 0 for blastn/megablast (not used), 50 for discontiguous megablast, and 40 for all others. [ help]
-F Specifies filter(s) to be used to mask query sequence. Change to F to disable the filter. Default filter removes low complexity regions. [ help]

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To select multiple libraries hold CONTROL-KEY or SHIFT-KEY and select.
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